Client Expectations

All clients are expected to adhere to the rules, policies, and procedures at Ka-Na-Chi-Hih, as listed below.

A client in breach of the treatment program expectations can be immediately discharged under the discretion of the Clinical Team, Treatment Coordinator, Director of Operations, and the Chief Executive Officer.

  1. Clients shall refrain from using all mind-altering substances while at Ka-Na-Chi-Hih.
  2. Clients will refrain from possessing, using, or distributing any form of contraband while at Ka-Na-Chi-Hih.                         
  3. Disruptive, violent, aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  4. Clients are not permitted any weapons (guns, knives, crossbows, restricted or prohibited weapons) on the premises of Ka-Na-Chi-Hih.
  5. Clients are expected to actively participate in all aspects of treatment and treatment-related activities.
  6. Willful damage to Ka-Na-Chi-Hih property or others' personal property will not be tolerated.
  7. Clients will respect the privacy and boundaries of both clients and staff during their stay at Ka-Na-Chi-Hih. (e.g., no touching, personal space).  
  8. Clients will behave in a responsible and respectful manner on and off Ka-Na-Chi-Hih property.
  9. Clients are not permitted to sell, trade, or barter personal items.
  10. Clients will be permitted personal phone calls only at their scheduled times and will be monitored. Family may call throughout the week.
  11. Food and beverages will only be allowed in designated areas.
  12. No purchasing or consuming of any sort of energy drinks/powders will be permitted at Ka-Na-Chi-Hih.
  13. Clients are not allowed to access unrelated treatment areas without staff supervision.
  14. Smoking will only be allowed in designated areas and at scheduled times. Clients under the age of 19 will not be granted the purchase of cigarettes.
  15. There will be no purchasing/using of vapes on the premises.
  16. A leave of absence without permission may be considered a voluntary discharge and will be dealt with accordingly.
  17. Clients are not permitted to bring cellphones, iPods, iPads/tablets, laptops, or any other form of communicative devices to treatment. MP3 players are allowed for music only.
  18. Clients are expected to keep themselves and their living quarters clean. It is the responsibility of the client to do their own laundry and bedding, which should be changed weekly.
  19. Clients are expected to abide by the scheduled wake up and bedtimes for programming purposes.
  20. At no times will clients engage in teasing, bullying, and/or harassment of any kind.

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