Role of Elder in Healing

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Role of Elder in Healing

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Written and Performed by J. Hubert Francis

The Word “Ka-Na-Chi-Hih” means “To Keep One Sacred” in Ojibway. Ka-Na-Chi-Hih (KNCH) is a solvent abuse treatment center situated in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It serves First Nation Youth, ages 18 to 30 from across Canada. A twelve bed long-term facility, KNCH provides holistic care through traditional as well as contemporary treatment methods.

“Elmiei” means, “I’m going home” in Micmac. This song “Elmiei” was borne from the graduation celebration of a youth who has completed the program and is preparing to go home. KNCH has been his second home and although glad to be going home, he is sad to leave his caregivers.

This song is dedicated to all young people, who have endured troubled periods of substance abuse, and are now doing something meaningful to overcome this addiction. It is also hoped this song will provide an inspiration to those who are still involved in this destructive lifestyle, to look within themselves, to the Creator and to their resources and turn their life around.

It further acknowledges the work, dedication and commitment by the numerous workers in treatment centers and the caring families who encourage and support their children who are in treatment.

Special mention goes out to Theresa May Simon of Elsipogtog First Nation, for her contribution to this song, through the poem she wrote named “Elmiei”.

The artist, J Hubert Francis, is also from Elsipogtog.

“Elmiei” was nominated in the Aboriginal category at the East Coast Music Awards which was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2003. Go ahead, click on the song and enjoy!

- Vince Simon,  Ka-Na-Chi-Hih Executive Director and CEO  (September 1998 – June 2021)