7-Week Residential Program

Ka-Na-Chi-Hih offers a 6 bed, 7-week residential treatment program designed for Indigenous individuals, ages 18 to 29, with polysubstance use and mental health challenges, regardless of gender identity.

We are a voluntary program, requiring individuals to have a genuine interest in seeking treatment and being motivated to attend of their own volition. We cannot accept individuals who are under pressure, coercion, or feel forced to join our program.

Our program emphasizes cultural connections as a cornerstone of wellness to foster meaning, purpose, hope, and belonging. Participants engage in immersive experiences through learning about traditional Indigenous culture, partaking in traditional activities, and spending time on the land, fostering a deep connection to their heritage and surroundings.

Our holistic approach extends to developing essential life skills, healthy coping strategies, resiliency, self-esteem, and a strong sense of cultural identity, while incorporating elements such as Strawberry Medicine teachings and Redpath programming to enhance self-awareness, strengthen social and emotional skills, and foster healing.

Our dedicated Treatment Team is committed to delivering participants a wide range of support services tailored to meet their individual needs, ensuring that their path to recovery is both comprehensive and personalized. This approach provides every participant with the attention and resources needed to navigate their journey towards recovery with confidence and resilience. Our team helps participants lay the groundwork for success beyond program completion, empowering them to develop essential skills and strategies for sustained growth and fulfillment. By fostering a supportive environment and providing holistic care, we strive to ensure that participants are well-prepared to thrive long after their time in the program.

Home is Life Outpatient Program

The Home is Life program is designed to help the homeless to secure housing and prevent community members from becoming homeless through various programs we offer. We collaborate with other organizations, both indigenous and non-indigenous, to support the homelessness population within our community.

We offer assistance with housing set-up, furniture, housewares, basic groceries, and support for those experiencing unsheltered homelessness. We provide shelter diversion support, including interventions to explore alternative options with property owners and assistance with problem-solving. We also offer transportation to and from viewings of houses and apartments.

In addition, we offer culturally led activities such as sharing circles and land-based activities. Our basic needs services encompass a wide range of support, including clothing, food, access to technology, assistance with appointments and personal identification, transportation, job-related workshops, and cultural ceremonies, among others.

Clients can participate in aftercare sessions for up to 3 months, focusing on addiction, recovery, relapse prevention, life skills, coping skills, and maintaining a healthy diet.