Initial Contact & Information Exchange

Follow-up contact will likely be through an email or phone inquiry. At this point, information will be exchanged to determine whether there is a match between the client’s needs and the treatment program. If it seems that the potential client meets the eligibility criteria and they could benefit from the program, the representative will provide further instructions on next steps.

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Pre-Screening Interview

Once a completed referral package is received by our Intake Coordinator, a pre-screening interview is arranged with the individual over the phone. This helps us to identify their particular needs, supports they may require, how they are feeling about attending treatment, and how motivated they are to attend treatment at our Healing Lodge.

Virtual Pre-Treatment Sessions

Virtual pre-treatment sessions are offered to individuals who may not ready to do in-person programming or who have been waitlisted.

Eligibility Review

After the pre-screening interview is complete and all required documents have been submitted to our Intake Coordinator, each application is reviewed with the Treatment Team to determine if the client meets the eligibility criteria, if they would benefit from our treatment program, and if the Healing Lodge has the capacity to meet the client’s needs.

Acceptance and Admission

If the client is deemed a good candidate for the treatment program our Treatment Team, our Intake Coordinator will email the client or point of contact to provide them with an acceptance letter and information regarding their upcoming admission into the Healing Lodge.

Travel Assistance

If the client requires travel assistance, our Intake Coordinator will support the client/guardian/referral in arranging the travel to the Healing Lodge. Information such as the Client Rules & Expectations, What to Bring, and the Client Handbook are all provided, usually by email prior to the client’s arrival to the Healing Lodge, so the client/guardian/referral can review prior to admission.

Ineligibility and Waitlisting

If the client does not meet the eligibility criteria for the treatment program, our Intake Coordinator will provide the client or point of contact with an explanation for the decision made. Sometimes, these clients will be waitlisted and offered virtual pre-treatment services to create familiarity with the client and give them time to prepare for residential treatment. If it is deemed the client requires more intensive services that cannot be provided by our Healing Lodge, our Intake Coordinator will offer support to find an alternative treatment program more appropriate and suitable for the client’s needs.