During your stay at Ka-Na-Chi-Hih, we participate in several land-based cultural activities and outings which is why we recommend you bring clothes that are comfortable, weather-appropriate, easy to wash, and do not require special care, such as dry cleaning.

What you'll need to bring.

All clients will have access to a laundry machine, so you will only need to pack about a week’s worth of clothing.

Do Not Bring

Lighters, hairspray, shampoo, any sharp objects (e.g., razors), any toiletries or beauty products containing alcohol (e.g., mouthwash, perfume/cologne, aftershave, lotion), aerosols, gang paraphernalia, prejudicial articles, acne pads, items that contain alcohol, pornography, synthetic nail-related products, revealing clothing, narcotics or prohibited prescriptions, or cleaning supplies (e.g., bleach, ammonia).

Any of the stated items will be disposed of if it is a high risk to the other clients/staff. Any of the stated items that are not of high risk will be stored and safely secured until discharge
*All luggage will be searched upon program entry.

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electronic devices

Electronic Devices, Mail, Packages, Money, ID, and Additional Items

We suggest leaving laptops, iPods, iPads or other tablets, cellphones, handheld gaming systems, and any other devices with communication services at home. Any of the listed devices found at admission will be stored and safely secured until discharge

Any mail or packages received during your stay will be screened by staff to protect your well-being. Any prohibited items mailed to you during your stay will be stored and safely secured until discharged.

I.D., monies, and tobacco products will be held by Ka-Na-Chi-Hih staff until the appropriate time of use. These items will be returned to the client upon discharge